Teka Samuha Nepal - An Introduction
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ThuloByasi, Bhaktapur                  Photo ANIL ADHIKARI

Teka Samuha Nepal is a volunteer non-profit organization based in Kathmandu. It is established in 1997 (B.S.2054). Teka is governed by the philosophy of “help those who are in need”. Our aim is to help socially deprived, physically challenged and trafficking survival children and women through education and income generating activities, generate mass awareness on environment degradation.

On April 25, 7.8 rector scale earthquake hit Nepal. More than 7 thousand people have been died whereas hundreds of thousands of people have been made homeless with entire villages flattened across the country. Millions of people are still in the open street due to this catastrophic.

Aftershocks are continuously occurring. The Government of Nepal has declared a state of Emergency and asked the International community to support.

Aftermath of Earthquake 2015, TekaSumuha is totally dedicated to facilitate relief effort in various part of the country. We have been actively engaged in distributing relief supplies food, tents, water, medicine depending upon the resources generated from our friends and relatives residing in USA. Our main priority is to help those area first that have been hard hit by the Earthquake. We are focusing our relief effort to Sindhupalchok, Bhaktapur and Sankhu and providing immediate relief supplies.

To help Earthquake victims in such fatality, TekaSamuha Nepal has started approaching many people who would like to join hand together and contribute.


The following are the summary of TekaSamuha Nepal’s Humanitarian response to Earthquake’s victims so far;

  • 55 families of 5 villages of 3 districts received relief materials; Sankhu, Palubari, Bisambhara of Kathmandu, ThuloByasi of Bhaktapur&Deupur of Kavrepalanchowk District.
  • 55 families including Sankhu 10 + Palubari 10 + Bisambhara 10 + ThuloByasi 10 & Deupur 15)

Following Relief Materials Distributed:

  1. Tents 17 sets
  2. Blankets 27 sets
  3. Mattress 25 sets
  4. Rice 310 Kg
  5. Beaten Rice 50 Kg
  6. Noodle 5 cartoons
  7. Dry Vegetables 10 kg
  8. Oil 25 Ltrs.
  9. Salts 23 packs
  10. Soaps 30 pcs
  11. Biscuits 5 cartoons
  12. Solar Lights 32 sets

Relief Fund Raised from Nepal and USA:   $1200

In-country resources mobilization $500

Total: $1700

Earthquake Relief


Short term (immediate):

  • Provide on-time assistance to Natural disaster’s victims. 
  • Generate awareness on earthquake pre-caution and environment conservation among mass public.
  • Initiate socio-psychological counselling to the people

Long term: 

  • Design and deliver low cost, sustainable community development programs.
  • Flourish Nepal's unique culture, language and features in the world


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